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28.11.2020 18:30 Uhr

As the Amazon rainforest stage will be held in the areas affected by the 2019 fires, drivers will be challenged with loose, shifting ground that offers almost no traction. Let's see how the racing teams tackle this stage! Read more:


21.11.2020 15:01 Uhr

A key milestone for Continental India: Our Manesar plant has reached production of 50 million Wheel Speed Sensors. 🇮🇳 These sensors are a critical tool for the #safety as they provide speed signals to the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic St


20.11.2020 15:20 Uhr

Are you still wearing shorts, flip flops or sleeveless shirts? Then you could probably get away with driving on summer tires. If you've upgraded to winter boots, long trousers and sweatshirts, it's time to switch your car to winter gear, too! Find out why


17.11.2020 17:02 Uhr

What's the difference between ☀️ and ❄️ tire? ✔️ flexible rubber to withstand freezing temperatures ✔️great grip for excellent traction on slippery roads ✔️ special tread design for gripping snow ✔️ sipes to direct water away from tread #Continental


11.11.2020 16:04 Uhr

Our High Performance Computer is at the heart of digital and networked mobility. ⚡ Follow the link and find out why especially electric vehicles, like the new Volkswagen ID.3, benefit from new levels of connectivity and digitalization:


09.11.2020 15:20 Uhr

How can we make the transport of goods more efficient and sustainable? ContiConnect™ makes a difference with networked tire monitoring. Sensors inside the tire send air pressure and temperature data to a smart system that detects potential issues early.