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03.06.2020 15:25 Uhr

A dialogue between nature and technology: The German artist Gereon Lepper has created a giant metal tarantula and used our Air Actuators for pneumatics for his impressive piece of art. Watch the spider crawl:


31.05.2020 15:10 Uhr

Did you know: Tires* with EU label class A come to a stop in wet conditions after 28 meters, 18.5 meters sooner than a class F tire: ☔️💧 *at 80km/h


30.05.2020 15:05 Uhr

Set up for the future. Continental and Pioneer agree on Strategic Partnership fo a New User Experience: "The user experience plays an increasingly important role in the perception of vehicles. In particular, operating safety, pleasant design and high fun


29.05.2020 15:30 Uhr

Double awarded! 🎉 Natural 3D Centerstack Display taking over German Innovation Award 2020 and Automotive Brand Contest 2020 as “Winner”, scoring in categories “Excellence in Business to Business” and “Future, Mobility and Parts”. Being a central element o


27.05.2020 15:10 Uhr

The tire of the future has air pumps fitted to its rims so tire pressure can be adjusted while driving: #ContiCARE #technology


26.05.2020 15:02 Uhr

Safe, flexible and eco-friendly! ☀️ Robo taxis will make a huge change in our understanding of mobility. 🚗 Less traffic chaos in metropolises and greater mobility in rural areas are just some of the advantages. Check this link to find out why robo taxis m