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27.06.2020 15:03 Uhr

The perfect view at any time. 🏍 With ARAS™ function Intelligent Headlight Assist for two wheeler, motorcyclists can delegate the task of changing from high to low beam to the „electronic co-pilot“. More:


25.06.2020 14:50 Uhr

The Contidrom tire testing facility opened in 1967 on the edge of the Lüneburg Heath. It is still used today for many of our pioneering tire testing activities. You can go on a virtual tour here: #contidrom #tiretesting #TBT


24.06.2020 14:30 Uhr

Despite all the care you put into your tires, you could still experience a flat tire. Make the experience less inconvenient with our Runflat tires: #TireTechnology


22.06.2020 15:10 Uhr

We understand the subtle differences in requirements for different terrains and the technology behind tread, grip, size and durability that makes each tire perfect for a particular use. Find out more about different tire types:


20.06.2020 15:03 Uhr

VISION ZERO // The ARAS™ function Emergency Brake Assist for #TwoWheeler 🏍 detects critical traffic situations and ensures an optimum use of the available braking pressure. If the rider does not react to the warning, the EBA brakes automatically. http://o


17.06.2020 15:30 Uhr

Artificial intelligence should support the life of our community. 🤝 Therefore, AI-based decisions need to be transparent and understandable. Self-learning systems must work in accordance with clear ethical principles. That is why we have developed a "Code