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17.04.2021 14:40 Uhr

Did you know Continental was indirectly involved in quite exciting historical events? In 1909, the first person to cross the English Channel did so in an airplane covered with Continental airplane fabric. For more insights into the adventurous spirit of C


16.04.2021 15:02 Uhr

State-of-the-art Electronic Stability Control Systems (ESC). The MK 120® is our new generation of electronic brake system for ESC Systems. The system is compact, offers scalable hydraulic performance for autonomous emergency braking, and supports vacuum a


09.04.2021 10:01 Uhr

Continental’s 5G V2X telematics units will soon be in even more vehicles on the road than ever before! 🤩 A leading European commercial vehicle manufacturer has decided to go with #Continental to keep its vehicles #connected and #safe on the road. With thi


07.04.2021 14:15 Uhr

Environment, health and safety are all interconnected: Our experts in this field study and implement practical aspects of environmental protection and safety. They help promote safety for our employees and customers all over the world, and ensure our prod


05.04.2021 15:30 Uhr

How it started: This was a quality check ✅ at #Continental back in the day: In 1920, a car hose needed to pull a 1,275 kg vehicle into the air to demonstrate stretchability, tear strength and smoothness. If the hose stretched to 8.6 times its length durin


04.04.2021 14:02 Uhr

In the US, #DeafHistoryMonth is celebrated by acknowledging the accomplishments of people who are deaf and hard of hearing. Today, we wanted to share a story from one of our employees, Tim, who has worked at Continental’s automotive manufacturing facility